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AvayaLive ™ Engage

AvayaLive ™ Engage is still available 3D environment that is used for exchanging business information on any website. Available as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) or software-only solution.

Companies can implement it as a simple cloud solution in order to get rich, impressive collaborative marketing tool and a training tool.

This tool allows you to maintain multiple simultaneous collaboration within its 3D visual environment. Several meeting rooms, a hall for lectures, rooms with closed meetings and presentations, a wide open atrium space of assembly are just some of the physical capacity of the innovative Avaya solutions.


  • Impressive: rich audio and video environment provide a sense of face-to-face communication
  • Intuitive: Easy to learn and use
  • Intelligent: extensive analytical tool helps in measuring the ROI (return on investment)
  • Integrated: easily integrates with enterprise software included


  • Improved quality of staff training
  • Reduce costs by reducing the need to travel to training sessions or client meetings
  • Increased duration of visits to clients for online e-commerce sites
  • Build effective relationships with online customers

A new form of communication

AvayaLive ™ Engage changing business communication in the bud. It is a personalized online meeting place where people can freely and intuitively move between other participants in the room the entire virtual space available. Using advanced technology, this solution breaks down the physical barriers between companies, employees, partners, customers and those who use this tool as a system of distance learning.

Easy access to

Access AvayaLive ™ Engage-in is omugućen all over the Internet browser from any location in the world. Suffice it to users via their desktop or laptop computer logs on to address Engage, and that your account using the most effective approaches to intuitive collaboration tool in the world.

Available to all

AvayaLive Engage ™ is a Cloud solution that is available to users the most used operating system using the existing Internet connection. Desktop platforms that are supported for the implementation of this solution are Microsfot XP (or later) and OSX Snow Leopard (or later).

3D Graphics and Audio

Reach your audience with three-dimensional graphics and acoustics of the space environment. Unhindered movement through the virtual environment with realistic sound propagation.

Personalize your profile and Avatar

The ability to create a personal avatar (virtual view of your character), which is freely and intuitively navigate through Enagage environment and interact with other members of the Avatars. Change clothes, personal description, height, and other visual aspects of your character and thus become recognizable to its partners in Enagage virtual environment.

Video collaboration via web camera

Using your ordinary webcam you can have a smooth video transfer which your partner can see with light crossing over your avatar. Video transmission is enabled on Wall positions to you and the other participants, there could clearly be seen in the collaboration.

Upload and display multimedia materials

The possibility of uploading, adaptation and integration of multimedia content in the system. Personalise your environment by adding an advertising campaign on the wall, sharing links to your Web pages, presentations, or taking in some of the planned panel.

Access to a large number of visitors

AvayaLive ™ Engage lets you without any physical barriers and with a very low cost arrange for a short time, a very effective conference, meetings, brainstorming activities, presentations, lectures, and meetings and all with access to a large number of users at the same time viewing capabilities of almost all materials as well as in a real environment.

Avaya Aura Conferencing

In order for people to cooperate more effectively, their communication tools need to cooperate as well. Avaya brings scalable collaboration to your employees, partners and clients – all that on devices such as smartphones, PCs, tablets etc. Avaya Aura Conferencing provides audio, video and web collaboration capabilities.

Avaya Aura Conferencing, accessed either via Avaya Flare Experience or via a web browser as the Avaya Aura Collaboration Agent, gives its users one-touch control over collaboration:

  • Drag contacts into the spotlight in order to create a conference – there is no need for dialing each conference participant,
  • Switch between IM, e-mail, voice and video – all in one window, in one application,
  • Send conference invites, which contain conference info and links, to your contacts with a single click,
  • Share content and your desktop simply by clicking on the “collaborate” button,
  • Display a conference roster, who is presenting, who just joined in and more.

Avaya conferences are based on Avaya Aura solution - an open, SIP-based, communication platform. Avaya Aura session-based technology eases implementation and use of collaboration applications for users anywhere in your organization.

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync 2013 is the most advanced and best Lync edition to date, with numerous innovations across the board. Lync has always made communication easier no matter where you are, and now it’s even better thanks to new and improved features:

Stay in touch wherever you are: Lync enables its users to communicate securely wherever they have a network connection and it automatically adjusts to network conditions.

Use any device you wish: Lync eases communication with the help of a consistent and familiar interface, available on Windows computers, Windows, iOS and Android smartphones. The new Windows 8 and Windows RT Lync application delivers an impeccable experience.

Communicate the right way: Lync unifies voice and video calls, Lync meetings, presence and IM in a single client, easy to use, simplifying the choice and switching to different forms of communication.

Connect to the outside world: Lync expands unified communications across the Internet, securely, to users, clients and partners who use Lync or Skype.

Exploit the possibilities of HD video: Lync uses familiar standards, including H.264 SVC, in order to deliver high quality video to a wide range of devices.

Make virtual meetings more effective: Organize video meetings with up to 5 participants concurrently, with the help of new multiparty HD video support. You can choose who you see or let Lync decide that for you.

Easily join meetings: Gaining access to Lync meetings requires only a single touch or click.

Expand your Lync meetings outside your organization by accessing it through a web browser: Lync Web App enables PC and Mac users to join Lync meetings through a web browser and delivers a complete online experience, including IM, voice, multiparty video and collaboration.

Make notes in OneNote: OneNote enables users to create and share OneNote notes from a meeting, inside a Lync meeting.

Quickly and intuitively find the best way to communicate: Quick Lync represents a menu that appears above your Lync contacts and displays all available means of communication.


Radvision, an Avaya company, is the leading provider of video conferencing and telepresence technologies. Radvision offers end-to-end visual communications which help businesses collaborate more effectively. Together, Avaya and Radvision are propelling the evolution of unified communication by using technologies which harness the power video, voice and data traffic in any network.

Radvision Scopia product portfolio provides comprehensive and advanced communication solutions that enable advanced voice, data and video conferences. Scopia products include network infrastructure solutions for multiparty conferences, network connectivity and firewall traversal; solutions for board room terminals, conference rooms and desktop video conferences; management software which enables scheduling, device management, bandwidth control and directory services.

Scopia product portfolio represents a powerful combination of hardware and software products that are completely standards-based and deliver the highest performance in video conferencing solutions of today. Interoperability and connectivity is established between any video device, such as a telepresence system, conference room, desktop or mobile video system and other telephony and unified communication solutions. Scopia solutions are used by institutions, companies and service providers in order to create a high quality, easy to use, video and collaboration environments, no matter what the communication network is – IP, SIP, 3G, 4G, H.323, ISDN or next generation IMS.

A complete Radvision solution includes all components necessary to deliver a complete video, voice and data collaboration environment.

Connect your workforce with anywhere-anytime mobility solutions.

Enterprises of all sizes depend on our systems  for unified communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service―and ultimately competitiveness. Unified Communications simplify the proliferation of technologies that businesses deal with every day. Our people-centric solutions integrate voice, video and data, enabling users to communicate and collaborate in real time, in the mode best suited to each interaction. This eliminates inefficiencies in communications to make organizations more productive and responsive.

We also offers an open software platform for quickly developing multi-vendor Unified Communications and Communications Enabled Business Process (CEBP) applications.

Unified Communications solutions are:

Seamlessly integrated: Reply to email with your voice. Turn an IM into a conference call. Answer your desk phone from the airport. No matter how, where, or when you communicate, you’ll have seamless access to the same familiar interfaces and corporate resources.

Productivity focused: When communications tools work together, you get more done. Take the Avaya Flare™ Experience―you use the same interface to collaborate real-time across all your tools, including desktop video, social media, conferencing, and more.

Vendor-neutral: Unified Communications unifies systems, devices and applications from multiple vendors. We support open standards and robust interfaces with third-party products, for lower costs and improved flexibility. Our core communications platform, Avaya Aura®, leverages SIP architecture to simplify networks and connect users at every location.

Reliable and secure: Our solutions have been used for years by organizations from small businesses to the Fortune 500.

What is IP Telephony?

IP Telephony principally satisfies a simple need: Enabling the use of open standard LAN and distributed data networks for the transport of voice, replacing the use of traditional (and proprietary) telephone networks and equipment for that purpose. With IP Telephony, voice conversations are converted into packets of data and then transmitted over data networks much in the same manner as e-mails or instant messages. Using standard Internet Protocol (IP) data networks and methods to transport all forms of information media – voice, data and video is more efficient and opens the door for the creation of new value-added cross-media features and applications.

Following are some of the benefits of IP telephony:

  • Creates a substantial savings (allows free calls between users regardless of location)
  • Management system through the Web,
  • Faster, more efficient and simpler allocation and system changes.
  • Ability to integrate additional features (voice mail, voice e-mail, video call, participants in the conference link, chat and instant messaging, call forwarding, transferring numbers, identification with name, call waiting, call reporting, as well as many others ..)
  • Easy system expansion (scalability provided at minimum cost)
  • Allows connection to remote sites (offices or organizational units worldwide)
  • Relatively small systems to ensure meeting the needs of a large number of users without the need for massive cabling.
  • Easy integration with existing systems.
  • Quick and easy implementation of the complete system
  • Easy to add new users
  • Allows use of PC soft phone's.
  • A system that adapts to the user.
  • Higher quality signal transmission

IP Telephony slowly replaces the entire traditional phone systems, and certainly the future of not only the telephone system, but also a complete unified communications solution.

IP Office

Successful companies are constantly in the process of finding new ways to do more with less investment to maintain business flexible, innovative and competitive without massive investment and capital costs. 

Avaya offers its solution: Avaya IP Office.

Avaya IP Office is the perfect solution for small and medium businesses, whether you have 5, 25 or 250 employees, if you're starting a business, or are already under way, whether you have one or more locations. Avaya IP Office unifies your communications, providing your employees a solution that gives them the opportunity to choose the method of communication, laptop, mobile phone, office or home phone using wired or wireless internet. 

IP Office easily adapts to your goals and budget, and provides individual users with the tools they need, whether it is a question of receptionists, dealer, or field worker. Helping everyone from small to large companies to increase productivity and reduce costs, Avaya is a world made her way to the top in business communications. If you want it with your business, then this is the perfect solution for you.


Instead of holding your communication Separately, Avaya IP Office connects them and is able to from a mobile phone or home office phone is easy to create, to use dozens of client phone or phone employed in the conference, and to generate reports on the quality of services that the company provides to its customers. With its extensive range of functionality, IP Office creates a new way of thinking about the role of communication in business. 

Reduced cost: 

A wide range of options for better manage a company's mobile phone remote calls, directing and routing calls over the internet network. 
Instead of using agents to accept incoming calls, rely on Avaya solutions in the most intelligent call routing quickly and accurately. 

If your business is growing and you do not want to increase the number of permanent employees, with IP Office is working you can have more employees working from home environment. Everyone can have access to communications and call processing capabilities as well as employees from the office. 

Easy to use and manage: 

Integrate business applications seamlessly: With Avaya and Avaya partners, you can integrate a wide range of applications.

Contact Centers

Proscom Contact Center solutions drive higher performance throughout enterprises by improving the quality and value of customer interactions. Through the integration of voice, video, data, and social media with both strategic and real-time business intelligence, Proscom Contact Center solutions increase operational efficiency and empower more engaged workforces to perform more effectively.

The enterprise benefits from increased loyalty, reduced operating costs, and more substantive customer relationships. With Proscom Contact Center solutions, subject matter experts, applications, and workflows are optimally aligned with customer expectations to achieve true competitive differentiation.

IP Office contact center

Avaya IP Office Contact Center applications are designed for the needs and budgets of small and medium-sized businesses with scalability up to 150 agents. For the owners of these companies, who want to avoid the significant investment and they want an intelligent solution that is easy to assemble, easy to train and provide a statistical overview of the system - this is the right option.

Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Multichannel

Building on the performance, reliability, and flexibility of the Avaya Aura® Communication Manager, the Avaya Call Center provides powerful call routing and resource selection capabilities designed to help agents handle calls more effectively and boost their overall productivity. The Avaya Call Center is the foundation for a total contact center solution. 

Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Multichannel is an add-on offer to Call Center Elite that allows customers to extend their Elite voice environments, adding screen-pop, data-directed routing, and multichannel (email, SMS, Web chat) features. A voice only contact center presents a challenge of being viewed as 'always open for business' since it can be costly to staff agents 24/7. Businesses can easily add non-voice channels without sacrificing call center features or reliability that they have come to expect from Avaya and now make use of the same patented algorithms for work as well as calls. The Elite Multichannel offer includes simple to deploy screen-pops and customer history information so that agents have the right information at their fingertips, allowing them to deliver a more personalized customer experience.

Avaya Aura Contact Center

Avaya Aura Contact Center is a standards-based, software-only solution expandable to up 400 agent seats that enables agents and knowledge workers to efficiently and effectively collaborate with customers and partners across multiple media types.

Avaya Aura Contact Center is the next phase in customer service end-to-end customer experience management and is based on an evolution that is well underway in contact center infrastructure: from voice-centric contact centers to the addition of multi¬media contacts and now to fully-integrated, context-based customer experi¬ence management. This transformation requires enterprises to fully adapt to changes in customer demographics, interaction types and evolve to offer consistent, satisfying interactions across multiple channels: voice, e-mail, IM, video as well as social networks. Combined with sophisticated reporting and analytics, this infrastruc¬ture will enable enterprises to deliver differentiated, customer experience across all forms of contact and social media.

Avaya Interaction Center

Avaya Interaction Center is Avaya’s CTI-based large enterprise Contact Center software for voice, video, SMS, email, Web chat, and IP telephony

Interaction Center includes a universal, media independent contact engine that offers organizations the means to individualize routing and agent selection decisions according to your customer's need, customer segmentation, resource availability, and target service levels.

Cisco switches

Cisco switches provide performance improvements and possibilities to almost any environment, from small deployments, rack wiring closets and network cores to virtualized and converged corporate data centers. Working together, Cisco switches represent core components of an integrated network which delivers scalable and intelligent services, protecting, optimizing and expanding your network to meet the needs of your growing business. Cisco offers a wide variety of switches divided by groups, depending on the environment in which they need to be implemented in.

Cisco routers

Cisco is a world leader in network systems for businesses of all sizes, providing solutions which completely support implementation of enterprise-wide business applications. As a basis of an intelligent network, Cisco routers enable high availability, comprehensive security, integrated wireless, ease of use and an advanced QoS for the most demanding network services of today, including IP communication, video, financial transactions and other real time applications.
Cisco Services Aggregation Routers and Cisco Integrated Services Routers provide an opportunity, by using modular design, for you to meet your present and future needs, enabling incremental migration as your network needs change.
Traditional IP routing protocols such as EIGRP, OSPF, RIP and BGP are focused on providing availability by creating a loop-free topology based on the shortest or least-cost route. Cisco Performance Routing enables much more intelligent routing decisions based on network performance and various application needs.

Cisco Firewall

Cisco ASA group of security devices protects business networks of any size. It enables users to gain access to information with a high degree of security – anytime, anywhere and by using any device. Cisco ASA Software represents an operating system which drives the Cisco ASA product family. This OS enables high standard firewall capabilities for ASA devices of all sizes – standalone, blades and virtual. ASA Software can also be integrated with other necessary security technologies, all to provide comprehensive solutions which must meet ever changing security needs.
Cisco ASA Software advantages are integrated IPS, VPN and Unified Communications capabilities, increased organization capacity and performance improvement through clustering, enables high availability for high resiliency applications, eases dynamic routing and site-to-site VPN on a per-context basis.

Cisco Unified Access

In January 2013, Cisco introduced new solutions which simplify network design by converging wired and wireless networks. These technologies are unified in the new Cisco Catalyst 3850 switch which offers integrated wired and wireless LAN controller functionality. These new products are intended for environments where employees can access the corporate network from any device, location or network.
Cisco Unified Access strategy is to unify wired, wireless and VPNs into a unique, secure network based on one policy source and one management solution for the entire network.

EMC is absolute world leader at storaging data field, and has the greatest storage product’s portfolio.
The amount of information that a company needs, increases rapidly. It is estimated that the quantity of informations in the next 3 years will be 6 times extensive.

Prosperous oranizations  in terms of storage are those that have the ability of sharinginformations, access to all informations 24/7, possibility of comparing the information, the use of information in making decisions, and protection of information from unauthorized use.

A data warehouse is generally one of the most important functions of any IT environment for users of any size.

Generally, the storage of dataitself, usually can be divided into 3 levels:

  • Primary storage data - data that are used daily in production, stored on one or more devices
  • Backup data - as the medium used tapes or discs lately, or a combination
  • Archiving data - storage for longer periods at certain policies. Data can be archived to tape, disk or magneto-optical media

Generally speaking, there are several technologies for data storage

DAS – Direct-Attached Storage –disk space on the server or connected directly to a server which can not be shared with other servers. Connection with the discs can be SCSI, SAS, SATA, etc.. The solution is mainly used for smaller users

NAS – Network Attached Storage –Access storage devices through IP. Also, an important characteristic of this type of approach is that it enables so-called "file-level" access. In other words, the space on the devices are presented the rest of the local network as a shared space (file share) which can be accessed via CIFS (Windows protocol) or NFS (Unix / Linux) protocol. NAS devices are commonly used as a solution for primary storage, but can be used for backup and archiving, depending on each device

SAN – Storage Area Network –The so-called "block-level" access to storage devices. The most commonly used protocols include Fibre Channel (FC) and iSCSI. In the future this will probably be the FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet). A characteristic feature of these systems is that the space is presented to servers as so-called "raw" (as when a physical disk connected to the desktop for example). The devices are commonly used for primary storage

CAS – Content Addressed Storage - specific architecture used for archiving data. The first device on the market with this kind of approach is the EMC Centera

COS – Cloud Optimized Storage –technology is still in its infancy, but that will certainly be one of the key technologies in the future. At this moment, the technology is used for relatively specific users, such as telecommunications and related companies which can use solutions like these to provide 'Storage-as-a-service "(SaaS) solutions or other XaaS solutions

NAS and SAN have been competing technologies, in other words, the user could decide which of these technologies will be used for which purpose

A few years ago, new devices appeared. They combine the two technologies. Such devices are called Unified Storage Systems

IBM servers

Whether your business requires a “quick start” solution or you do your own integration, IBM x86 systems provide highly reliable and flexible platforms that can scale quickly, easily and inexpensively, so you can stretch your IT budget and confidently execute your business objectives – even as conditions change.

IBM offers a broad systems and storage portfolio to meet the challenges of your business.

Blade servers

IBM is a pioneer in blade servers, building the legendary IBM reliability, security and performance into the efficient, flexible blade form factor. IBM continues to drive innovation in blade servers, offering a range of blade server technology to support the unique demands of your business; large or small, in virtually any industry.

Express Servers

Choose Express models from IBM server lines, specifically designed for small and medium businesses

  • IBM System x™

Our most popular small business server Intel® or AMD® for Windows® or Linux® OS

  • IBM BladeCenter

Many servers in one chassis Intel®, AMD®, IBM POWER™ for Windows, Linux® and AIX® OS

  • IBM Power Systems

A single, energy efficient and easy-to-deploy platform IBM POWER™ for AIX and Linux® applications

System z mainframes

System z servers and solutions facilitate the integration of operational data with analytics and enable cloud delivery in a secure environment, while generating ongoing savings and value

IBM for small and medium businesses

With IBM Express products, you can have "all the blue without the big". IBM's hardware combines technical innovation with built-in reliability, designed to meet your business needs and budget. These systems are easy to install, deploy and manage.

PowerLinux solutions

IBM’s PowerLinux solutions are tuned to extend the performance of POWER to key emerging workloads running on industry-standard Linux.

IBM Flex System

IBM Flex System represents an entirely new generation of technology, with more performance and bandwidth, true integrated enterprise SAN storage, and far more capability to consolidate and virtualize than previous systems. A game changer.

Businesses around the world have a huge opportunity to move forward – beyond blades – to enable a transformation of the data center that brings together not only servers and networking, but storage as well, all under integrated management – with IBM Flex System.

Now IBM Flex System offers more choice and capability – with new POWER-based compute nodes, a new high density x86 compute node, new networking options and increased management scalability and capability.

IBM System x

IBM System x® x86 servers support Microsoft® Windows®, Linux® and virtualization. System x servers are intelligent systems designed to reduce costs and complexity. Keep your applications running and maximize your budget with x86 servers from IBM System x.

All in One

Rent a complete communications solution:

  • Telephone lines
  • Internet
  • The integration of the mobile network
  • Conference Calls
  • Cheaper calls abroad
  • Mobile calls at local prices
  • Maintenance
  • Eternal warranty
  • The high level of support
  • Free Upgrade Solutions

Call us to find out more.

Services we provide:

  • Consulting (understanding client’s needs, finding best solutions by price / performance)
  • Design, Customization
  • Project Managment, selection and control of contractors (if necessary in order to provide complete solutions)
  • Providing equipment and other companies resources (i.e. telephone links)
  • Implementation (installation, integration, testing)
  • Support, training and maintenance.